How To Ride a Thoroughbred Racehorse – Part II

In Part I, I wrote about a couple of techniques to assist with riding racehorses, including bridging your reins and holding one rein firmly on the wither and the other rein loose. Here is another technique:

Keep at least one finger under the breastplate strap at all times.  One of Australia’s leading jockeys gave me this tip when I was riding trackwork at Randwick, and it has saved me several times.  If you’re riding short in an exercise pad, and your horse shies suddenly, it’s very difficult to stay aboard.  By holding the breastplate strap, you have an anchor.  You can actually gather the breastplate strap and hold it with your bridged reins, as you see jockey Jeff Lloyd doing here at Rosehill in Sydney:

Jeff Lloyd Jockey

Jeff Lloyd Riding Trackwork at Rosehill Gardens - Courtesy The Daily Telegraph

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